Ethnic Studies with professors and hiring power
Major Cultures with classes on colonialism and race
responsibly through community input
Increase administrative support

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Statement of Solidarity: Students for Environmental and Economic Justice

Students for Environmental and Economic Justice expresses love and concern for Samantha Barron, an integral part of the group, and also reaches out to the other strikers.

We feel that a variety of tactics are necessary for effective protest and to engage in the University in new and creative ways. We hope that the ends to this justify the means, and support the demands around West Harlem, as well as the non-racist principles for which the movement advocates.

We hope that all of these students, strikers and supporters, come out of this action unscathed, mentally and physically, and hope that Columbia students can continue to hone their skills as effective activists on campus and in the future.

Best wishes,

Students for Environmental and Economic Justice (SEEJ)