Ethnic Studies with professors and hiring power
Major Cultures with classes on colonialism and race
responsibly through community input
Increase administrative support

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Statement of Support: Columbia College Student Council

The Columbia College Student Council would like to address the current state of the Columbia Campus. We feel that it is important to acknowledge the history of activism and student protest that have served to the betterment of Columbia, while also acknowledging that there are many different views about the type of protest that is currently taking place. CCSC would like to express its concern for the health of the strikers and wants it to be made known that we will continue to be involved, wherever appropriate, in finding a peaceful resolution to the situation on campus. The events of the last five weeks have had such a large impact on the student body that CCSC has been working extensively to address the issue of hate crimes and bias incidences. With that said, CCSC wishes to look at the issues that are currently at hand and inform the student body of what we voted to support at our most recent meeting. We will be publicizing the recent events in order to inform the greater student body. Many of these issues have been bought up in the past and have not been followed through on. We would like to stress the seriousness of these issues as they pertain to the improving of our University. We will follow up on these issues by working with administrators and students to develop policy initiatives and resolutions, as well as a structure of accountability, to make sure that there is sufficient follow through in this area. We invite student input as we take these steps and it is our hope that they come to us with their ideas. Not only do these issues need to be addressed broadly, they need to be addressed on specific levels. If you read below, you will see the specific goals that CCSC plans to work towards this year.

The Core Curriculum, CCSC Advocates for…

The reformation of the Major Cultures requirement to contain a variety of courses in a seminar format.

More student voices and seats for the Committee on the Core and the Committee on Instruction, as well as voting power for students on both committees, and that their process of selection be better publicized.

Ethnic Studies: CCSC advocates…

Support and autonomy for Ethnic Studies and the departmentalization of the Center for Study of Race and Ethnicity and the Institute for Research in African American Studies

Administrative Reform: CCSC Advocates that…

Columbia’s Public Safety announce instances of hate crimes when they are reported and issue an annual report of reported bias incidents and hate crimes and how they have been addressed. A clear definition of what a bias incident is

The expansion of the Office of Multicultural Affairs with more communication and collaboration between the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Columbia and the Multicultural Affairs Office at Barnard

The hiring of a Vice-Provost of Multicultural Affairs to administer and direct University policies affecting students within all of the schools of the UniversityMandatory anti-Oppression training for all incoming faculty and public safety, with full day workshops, on the level “under1roof”, on issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, power and privilege.

The Expansion

The Columbia College Student Council has been doing research and gathering information on the expansion through its expansion committee. The council is not in a position to take a position on the expansion this semester.