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Friday, November 9, 2007

Statement of Solidarity: Rutgers Against the War

As fellow students, we look on with deep moral outrage as the administration of Columbia University callously harms the students, faculty and members of the community that the university is designed to help. Its goal of displacing thousands of Harlem residents and its inability to provide an atmosphere opposing bigotry has greatly saddened many onlookers across the country, defaming the school’s reputation and hurting its image. We are dismayed that the core curriculum lacks viewpoints suppressed by Western thought. We are also dismayed that the university took no stance against a noose being hung.

It is for this reason that we throw our full support behind the hunger strike being conducted at Columbia. The brave students sacrificing for a just university are not alone. We recognize that universities need the compliance of the students to function. As a result, it is the moral imperative of the students to tell their administration that their university will not function with their silence. We support the efforts of the Columbia Students who are voicing everyone’s concern at the present situation.

Members of Rutgers Against the War supported Columbia students in their protest against David Horowitz and his “Islamo-facism Awareness Week.” We stand with them now when they are sacrificing their bodies to send a message to the world that our universities will not be used as a tool of oppression, propaganda, and bigotry. We will continue to support the hunger strikers with information, solidarity rallies and whatever else is required until justice prevails at Columbia University.

Rutgers Against the War