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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Statement of Solidarity: RESCUE Ad Hoc Committee

Dear Friends:

On behalf of RESCUE Association/Fund, please convey our most sincere & deepest support to the Hunger-Striking HEROS - Bryan Mercer, Emily Rosenblatt, Victoria Ruiz, Aretha Choi, and Sam Barron - who are using their BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS to end the continuing Apartheid-Style Racism of the Bollinger Administration.

We FULLY (100%) support their Extraordinary COURAGE to take a stand against the all-powerful Bollinger Administration. We sincerely hope and pray for their continued leadership in taking a stand for this noble cause and issues of Racial Inequality & Subjugation and, hopefully will encourage the other Columbia students, faculty, staff, and administrative employees to fearlessly join in and bring about the much needed real change at this 250-years old Ivy League University.

Most Black and other minority employees at Columbia University already know about the iron-fist dictator type blatant racial discrimination, intimidation, sexual harassment and sujugation tactics of the Bollinger Administration. Bollinger is directly responsible for the illegal retaliation and firings (no questions asked!) of numerous Blacks and other minorities who stood up for any "Racial Equality & Equal Opportunity" at Columbia University. That is why you do not see any Black Professor or Administrator speaking against the Bollinger Administration in public at any time. Bollinger and his executives do not know how to discuss any racial issues reasonably; They only know how to suppress them by the "Iron-Fist." The Black/minority students are the only ones Bollinger cannot directly intimidate and fire; So, those COURAGEOUS Hunger-Strikers stand for ALL OF US - Minority Students, Faculty, Staff & Administrators.

Due to the various lawsuits and motions pending before the Federal Court against the Bollinger Administration, RESCUE is most regrettably unable to participate in the Hunger-Strikes and other protests at the present time, but we are most anxious to pursue these struggles on behalf of the minority students, faculty, and administrative staff of Columbia University at the earliest possible.


Thank you very much for your courage and God Bless All your efforts!!!

Yours Truly,
Racial Equality Struggles For Columbia University Employees
(RESCUE) Ad Hoc Committee